LAIV group contributes a VNN COMP Benchmark

We submitted a new NLP benchmark to the International Competition on Neural Network Verification (VNN COMP), and we won a popular VNN COMP community vote (2nd place) to have our new benchmark included in the Competition. This is the first ever NLP benchmark at VNNCOMP. It is considered to be prestigious to contribute to the selected list of benchmarks there! The benchmark comes as a result of the below research paper:
Marco Casadio, Tanvi Dinkar, Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Luca Arnaboldi, Omri Isac, Matthew L. Daggitt, Guy Katz, Verena Rieser, Oliver Lemon:
NLP Verification: Towards a General Methodology for Certifying Robustness.

Many congratulations to all co-authors!

PhD defense congratulations

Many congratulations to Dr Daniel Kienitz, who successfully passed his viva exam on “The Influence of Geometric Properties of Data Distributions on Artificial Neural Networks” on the 26th of October 2023!

Welcome to new PhD students

Huge welcome to our new PhD students, Ben Coke, who will be working on Verification of Neural Networks in Engineering Applications (as part of ICASE Studentship led by SLB Cambridge) and Colin Kessler, who will be working in the Edinburgh Center for Robotics on Safe Design of Airborne Autonomous Systems with Neural Network Components.

Success of MSc students using Vehicle

Many congratulations to Ben Coke and Jeonghyeon Lee, who got A marks for MSc dissertations completed with Vehicle. Their contributions are also a part of the Vehicle tutorial:

Vehicle Tutorial

Many LAIV members are involved in the design and testing of the Vehicle specification language (for verifying neural networks). This Summer and Autumn, the team is giving a series of tutorials on Vehicle, at FOMLAS’23 in Paris, VETSS Summer School in Surrey and ICFP Tutorial fest in Seattle. All Vehicle tutorial materials are available here:

PhD post available:

Neural Network Verification in Vehicle in the Industrial setting. The studentship is funded by SLB, and will include internships in SLB Cambridge. Interested candidates should email