Youtube Channel for LAIV/AISEC

As part of the AISEC grant activities, we have launched a Youtube channel ( featuring speakers from LAIV Seminars. Subscribe to the Youtube channel or drop in to LAIV seminars:

APLAS’20 publication by the LAIV team

Many congratulations to Wen, Katya, Daniel, David and Bob for having their paper Neural Networks, Secure by Construction: An Exploration of   Refinement Types accepted for publication and presentation at APLAS’20 (the 18th Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems) !!!

New Project and Vacancies

We are starting a big, multi-site and multi-million project on AI verification in September 2020! The project AISEC: AI Secure and Explainable by Construction is funded by EPSRC, and will investigate novel methods of AI verification in Autonomous vehicles and conversational agents. We are looking for Research assistants and PhD students: see

LAIV paper at IJCNN’20

Many congratulations to all for having the following paper accepted:

Kirsty Duncan, Ekaterina Komendantskaya, Robert Sewart, Michael Lones: 

Relative Robustness of Quantized Neural Networks Against Adversarial Attacks

accepted to be published and presented at the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, IJCNN’20, part of the World Congress on Computational Intelligence: 19-24 July 2020, Glasgow, Scotland.