LAIV’s second Research Grant

LAIV team won its second research grant: CONVENER: Continuous Verification of Neural Networks, funded by the UK Research Institute in Verified Trustworthy Software Systems (VETSS) , as part of “Digital Security Through Verification” call. Grant holders: E.Komendantskaya and D.Aspinall, named RAs: Wen Kokke and Daniel Kienitz.

Research paper

Many congratulations to the team for having the paper Accuracy, Training Time and Hardware Efficiency Trade-Offs for Quantised Neural Networks on FPGAs, by Pascal Bacchus, Robert Stewart and Ekaterina Komendantskaya accepted at 16th International Symposium on Applied Reconfigurable Computing (ARC2020), 1-3 April   Toledo, Spain.

New LAIV members

We welcome several new members to LAIV team: the new cohort of MSc students: Alexandre, Marco Vincent, to work on topics in Neural Net verification, and Wen Kokke (from Edinburgh University) as an RA in the Neural Networks with Security Contracts grant.

LAIV’s first research grant

We are very proud to announce the first successful research funding bid by LAIV team: NCSC-funded research project SecCon-NN: Neural Networks with Security Contracts — towards lightweight, modular security for neural networks. Funded as part of NCSC “Security for AI” call.

LAIV’s first MSc Cohort finishes MSc studies

LAIV MSc students Pierre, Pascal and Daniel have just finished their MSc, with Master Theses on Neural Net verification, scoring 85%, 85% and 95% respectively, and the Best Dissertation Award for the latter. Congratulations and very well done! Good luck with your further studies, research and careers! And welcome to your PhD in LAIV group, Daniel!

PhD Viva Success

Many congratulations to Yue Li for passing his PhD Viva today with minor corrections. The title of his thesis is:

“A Proof-Theoretic Approach to Coinduction in Horn Clause Logic” 

Yue was supervised by Katya Komendantskaya and Mark Lawson. His External Examiner was John Power (University of Bath). 

Success of LAIV MSc student Pierre Le Hen

Many congratulations to LAIV MSc student Pierre Le Hen who secured a place to do a Masters specialising in Management of Systems Information at ESSEC:

The positions are highly competitive, so well done Pierre and hope you have a great career ahead of you!